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ABV 4.9% 500ML
For six generations we have been brewing pristine and characteristic beers according to the Bavarian Purity Law, in best family tradition. With Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell, we have just revived an old family recipe. It is a beer shaped by craftsmanship and agricultural work – an homage to its homeland in the „Heart of Bavaria“.

Great taste grows on our fields. Our hops come from the nearby Hallertau region and the barley grows in the so-called „Gäuboden“, which is right on the doorstep of our brewery. Being so close to where our ingredients grow, we can literally follow their growth on the fields. In doing so, we can always guarantee highest quality raw ingredients.

Good beer comes with a tradition. With Schneider’s Bayrisch Hell, we continue the long Schneider family tradition of brewing lager beers - from our grandfather Georg IV to grandson Georg V and great-grandson Georg VI. Following our time-honoured family recipe from 1928, we have reinterpreted the original tried and tested, so called „Urtyp“ and created a new combination of an aromatic „Landbier-type“ and a refreshing „Bavarian Helles“.

A beer like its homeland: traditional, full of character and pure. Its golden color is as unmistakable, as is its well-balanced, refreshingly palatable taste of flowery hop aromas and subtle malt note. A longer storage time helps the beer to achieve its harmoniously balanced body. A tradional Helles just as it should be and a real Schneider! - Cheers!