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ABV 8% 440ML
In v17 we’re excited to return to more familiar territory, alongside our longtime collaboration friends at The Veil, where we turn to our attention to temperature modulations across the brewing process.During every brew day temperature decisions determine: the degree of fermentability during wort production; extraction efficiency during lautering; the qualities and potency of bittering and whirlpool hopping, and a great many more impacts in addition to the hundreds of impacts cold-side during fermentation.In v17 we have used temperature changes to try to produce both a cleaner, more precise, and simultaneously more juicy and fruity beer. We’re thrilled with the results, and can’t wait for you all to sample one of the most impactful ever DIPAs we’ve produced.

Bold aromas of citrusy lime and wild strawberry pave the way in this DIPA, followed by a juicy and dank flavour profile. Intense tropical fruit flavours of overripe mango and guava are met with velvety, thick mouthfeel, while a pleasant hoppy bitterness rounds out each sip.